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I'm not very old, so I haven't been too many places yet, but here are some of my favorites so far.  

   For a Walk:   I like to bark at the neighbors and try to find pesky cats.
   The Back Yard:  There are toys out there to chew and chase and rocks to climb on.
   Sara's Room:  I'm not supposed to go in there - but sometimes I do anyway.  I always find really neat stuff on the floor in there!
   The Park:  I can pull my mom through the grass and try to catch birds.  I wish she'd let go of my leash though.
   In the car:  I love riding in the car - I can look out the window and see the world, and bark at other dogs.  I want to drive though.  Once I saw a show on T.V. with Toonces the Driving Cat.  He was stupid though, he always crashed the car.  If I had a car, I wouldn't crash it.  
   Petsmart:  My mom lets me ride in the shopping cart and all kinds of people come over and say how cute I am.  It smells good in there and sometimes I get a new toy.
   The Garage:  Its neato in there.  There are all these shelves and boxes to explore.  I can go behind stuff and its hard for my mom to catch me!
   The Desert:  Sometimes we go walking in the desert.  There are lizards that run really fast, pretty soon I'll catch one.