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My favorite things are anything that involves using my teeth! I'm still a puppy so I like to play-bite.

I bite my brother Pilot constantly.  I bite his ankles and his legs and his ears and steal his toys!  Just look at me get him in the pictures!

I like to chew dog toys and pull on them, like tug-of-war...only with biting.  I like to bite whoever is holding the other end of the toy so they'll let go and I'll win.

Chase the cat.  One kitty is funny - she lets me chase her and she hides under the sofa but I can fit under there.  But then there's this other cat - he's really big and mean...I like to chase him too but sometimes he turns around and scratches me and he's really scary.

Play with kangaroo rats:  Sometimes the nice kitty brings cute little kangaroo rats into the back yard.  They bounce and run and are hard to catch, but I can catch them.  

Play Crazy Dog:  I like to run around the house like a crazy dog.  No one can catch me because I'm so fast, like lightning.  I jump up on the furniture and bounce right off and dash away...its really, really cool.

Eat cookies:  Sometimes I convince the people to give me a cookie.  They're shaped like bones, but they taste like cookies.  If I sit down for about one second they let me have one!  Pilot always has to do some tricks, but I pretend I don't know how because I'm deaf, it always works.

Sleep next to my mom when she works.